Australia - Mother Earth is screaming for help!

channeled and inspired message to everyone who feels called.

While scrolling through my social media pages and reading about Australia I only hear one thing. I hear Mother Earth screaming “HELP! HELP! Wake up people! Just your money won’t help anymore, you have to change from within. You, humans have to heal your own pain from within in order to be able to help me survive!“

We’re are living in a collective consciousness, we aren’t separate. We are one humanity connected to everything that is. We are the Universe.

What is that mean? It means we are energy, everything is energy and it is interconnected. Cause and effect, everything we do. Karma. We use those words but we don’t understand. It means, when I yell at you, you yell back. When I don’t heal my own struggles, emotional pain and limiting beliefs and walk into a relationship, it will affect the person I am having a relationship with. When I’m being distracted from the outer world, I’m not being conscious, therefore I’m not living conscious. When I’m not living conscious, my thoughts take over my inner world and my outer behavior.

My thoughts are energy. Remember, we are all energy, everything is energy. When my thoughts are negative, filled with anger, hatred and judgement, I literally throw garbage into everything that is. Into myself, others, Mother Earth and the Universe.

Luckily, those are thoughts within myself! Which means, I am able to change them, just right now in that moment.

How to do that? Shift your awareness, shift your awareness from the things you don’t want to the things you want. Don’t expect others to change, start with yourself. If you want to feel love, love yourself first. If you don’t know what love is, heal first. You can’t feel love and joy if you don’t quiet that chatter within your head.

- channeled through Anna Slotala, intuitive healer, modern mystic & medium.

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