Coronavirus - why is Corona happening?

A channeled message from Mother Earth.

There it is, the feeling that is arising within me before I start channeling another message from Mother Earth and here's what I receive:

"The Coronavirus is a wake up call to humanity, not about 'how to wash your hands right' but more about 'what is this teaching us, what is the message from the collective consciousness?

'What is the Coronavirus teaching us'? A channeled message from Mother Earth, from Gaia.

Shift your perception! You create what you think, you become what you think. You receive where you put your attention to. Each one of us is manifesting his reality, but not only his, as well ours. Why is that you might be asking? Because our energies create oneness, all the energies in the Universe and maybe even beyond create oneness. The more humanity is afraid of Coronavirus the more humanity suffers. Every single second you choose what you feed. Are you feeding your pain body or are you feeding your joyful body? You might be wondering why you would choose to ignore the fact that so many people are suffering? Mother Earth and the Universe is teaching you that you are a powerful Creator and indeed a powerful Co-Creator on Planet Earth as well as in the Universe. We are being taught the Law of Attraction.

'Which body will you feed?'

Will you take conscious responsibility for your Co-Creation? Will you allow yourself to wake up? Or will you keep sleeping and trying to understand as far as you can see and touch and understand or are you willing to change your perception? To experience the Unknown, to experience the Mystical, to experience beyond your perception? Will you allow yourself to feel, and in reference to your feelings, change the way you perceive your own being? There is no blame or guilt, simply a question of 'What will you choose?'"

- channeled through Anna Slotala, intuitive healer, medium & modern mystic.

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