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Friendship is the purest form of love because you choose freely whom you love. Sometimes it's really challenging, but only if we are trying “to figure it out”.

Friendship is not figureoutable, it is a pure loving commitment that is supposed to flow naturally. It’s like in life, when there is an interruption of flow it’s because we have to learn something or choose to heal from something that is not serving us. But no matter what it is, it is about us.

Once we're in pure alignment we don’t need any outer recognition because it simply flows from within while we are centered within ourselves. Flow can only come when we make intuitive decisions, intuitive moves, when we choose to be centered and grounded.

Sometimes it’s hard to get there because we have so many behavioral patterns flowing through us that are old and ready to be released but our mind is holding onto it (it's funny while channeling this article, I have no idea where this article goes- Milky Chance “Flashed Junk Mind” is playing in the background. I love the pure flow of the Universe, sending us coincidences and signs all the way).

Society boundaries everywhere, but who has created those? Humans, right? Well, therefore we can change it. We can change everything through a conscious decision to be in the flow. How to do that? Seek only your intuitive guidance. She will guide you through life, help you heal, help you to release and to let go, help you to reunite with lost friends and so much more.

Your intuition will connect you to your higher self, to the higher wisdom, to the non-physical and most importantly to God and your truest self. You don’t want to compromise your life! I'm sure you are ready for transformation, even a deeper one without knowing how it will unfold for you. Especially when you have been on that journey for such a long time.

But don’t stress about it, allow it to unfold naturally, it’s a life journey.

It is not about getting to the destination, that’s boring. If you are honest to yourself it’s not about the destination, it has never been. It is about the journey of how you got there. How you became a master of your challenges, how you discovered to live your most joyful and happiest life. A life filled with abundance of love, blessings, friendships, health, miracles, adventures, journeys.

Or have you ever told a story like this: “Yeah, I decided to walk the Camino of Santiago and eventually I got there!” “Wow, that’s amazing Dude!”

Or is that the kinda story you would tell…

”Once I had this intuitive feeling to book a ticket to San Francisco and even though I checked upon the flights and flying out from LAX was the cheaper choice I had another intuitive nudge to check upon SAN (5 minutes before SAN was $250 more than LAX) and indeed, for whatever reason it was now $200 less than LAX. Booked it, 2 days later I was ready for San Francisco! At San Diego airport I finished launching another podcast episode about “how to follow your intuition” and that’s when a nice gentle man (Hi Jeff!) asked me about my headphones standing right behind me in line. Next thing I know he said to me “I want to follow my intuition more”, obviously that was another sign for me to keep the communication going.

He introduced me to an amazing new friend (Hi Kelli!) and we started creating together, launching a podcast episode, sharing life stories and  supporting each other… (so much more to come, I feel it intuitively. We both do.)

…waiting for my Uber driver and being filled with the magical encounter that just happened, my intuition makes herself known again, I look at the car approaching and I deeply know, here we go again! “Hey Anna, I had to take your ride. That was intuition!” ...I’m listening!

But hey, that was within my first week in California, 3 more months of magical encounters and storytelling to go, years to come.

While in flow, magic happens within each hour, sorry! within each second!

It blows my mind every single time and I pray I will always allow myself to be blown away, simply because it brings me so much joy!

Stripping myself off of my own limitations and society boundaries, following and trusting my intuition had brought me the biggest feeling of joy and love in my life, a deep connection to my truest self, a master of my mind, a deep knowing of there is no boundaries at all and a deep connection and communion with God, I have never thought possible before.

Deeply grateful. I can’t wait to share more with you guys.


Share your intuitive story with me! Email me, I’m excited about your encounters!

Love always,



About Anna Slotala

"Anna is a positive mindset coach, medical intuitive, and intuition expert from Germany.

She was a professional dancer whose knee was injured while playing soccer. Doctors told her she’d never be able to do competitive sports again. She said “F*@K that!”, and became a competitive boxer. 

Her psychic abilities (which appeared at age 6) became too loud to ignore and she began healing others spontaneously, and intuitively.

Now she works with clients all over the globe to awaken to their own intuition and heal ailments of the body, mind and spirit.

She came to California and has been on a journey for almost 3 months making every moment-to-moment - and daily decision SOLELY FOLLOWING HER INTUITION.

We share the common goal of helping others awaken and heal to elevate the consciousness of the planet." - Kelli Russell | FEATURED @ INNERMOST SHERPA, CALIFORNIA.

Thank you Kelli! I love you friend.

Thank you Jeff! I’m grateful for you!


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