Holding the space for faith and trust

Just before I started streaming our daily meditation practice to connect with friends around the globe within our hearts, Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel delivered a new statement with more restrictions, orders and penalties, if orders are being ignored. The Police and the Ordnungsamt (public order office) have now the permission to impose penalties on every one who is not following the new orders, for the safety of all.

A very strange feeling that certainly triggered my root chakra. Instead of allowing fear and anxiety to take over, I decided to tune into my heart space where I hold the space for faith and trust, to ask what to deliver to my meditation group and that was the moment when I felt a greater force rushing through me. This is what I received:

'We are being asked to have faith and to return to love whenever we can.

There's a Higher Intelligence, The Divine, The Universe, God and we have to remember that the Divine, The Higher Intelligence has a bigger plan we cannot see.

We can only make a choice - consciously - every single day, each minute, each second to choose love over fear.

Simply do more of what feels good for you than what feels bad for you. Nurture your mind body spirit, love yourself.

Remember, you are not alone. We are more than we think we are. We aren't just our body and mind, we are spirit.'

Thank you for this beautiful message Spirit I was able to share and deliver to my virtual meditation group all over the globe.*

Blessings and Love,


*My intention is to connect friends all around the globe energetically through this daily Meditation Practice. Everyone is welcome, streaming daily on YouTube.

Live stream for USA 11a-11.30a PST and Central Europe 7p-7.30p.

This is your sacred space to connect, calm and sooth your mind body and spirit.

Share the love with everyone who might be in need or would simply enjoy a daily live stream meditation. If you would like to stay tuned every day hit the subscribe button.

Anna Slotala's intuitive healing and psychic abilities empower clients all over the globe to heal ailments of their mind, body and spirit. Anna offers energy healing and mindset evolution, soul guidance and spiritual empowerment, which brings spontaneous healing, shifts of human consciousness and energy frequency.

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