We are Cosmic Babies. Pure Divine's Love Creation. A Miracle, wandering this Beautiful Planet Earth.

You are radiating love. Nothing is wrong with you. There is no battle you supposed to go through with yourself. There is nothing that needs to be fixed, there is nothing which you are lacking.

There might be voices in your head or in your outer world (radio, advertisements, tv, people) telling you you need fixing. You don't. Allow yourself to feel love for yourself, allow yourself to stop beating yourself up, allow yourself to see beyond your running programs (which we mostly took on subconsciously), allow yourself to see your pure spirit, the radiating love you truly are.

What does it matter if you match someone's perception? You cannot change a single person, you can only become more conscious towards yourself, towards the words you choose, the story's you tell yourself, the feelings you feel towards yourself.

The past doesn't matter, what you have done or not. The time is now. Right in that very second while reading those words you might decide to choose different for yourself, to choose love for yourself. Just like that.

Allow yourself to nourish yourself, your mind, body and spirit with conscious loving words. Any time you become aware of choices and make them more conscious, more loving, you will feel a beautiful change within yourself, you will allow pure divine love to unfold within your magnificent self.

Once you allow yourself to start seeing your whole being with love, healing takes place, nourishment of your soul takes place. Once you allow yourself to feel, be, create and radiate love, magic will arrive in your life, I'm pretty sure. Are you ready to give it a shot? Just like that? Right now?

Love & Blessings,


Anna Slotala's intuitive healing and psychic abilities empower clients all over the globe to heal ailments of their mind, body and spirit. Anna offers energy healing and mindset evolution, soul guidance and spiritual empowerment, which brings spontaneous healing, shifts of human consciousness and energy frequency.

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